Direct Flights To and From Kefalonia ONLY!

Established in 2022, FlyKefalonia is a new private air charter company servicing exclusively the island of Kefalonia, in Greece, with direct flights from around Europe and U.K.

Our corporate operations have just started under one vision: to make it easier and more affordable for people to reach our island.

Under the global standards on security and all the formal aviation protocols on safety, we assign to licensed and experienced air carriers to provide the transport for our numerous routes, that are created to serve Kefalonia’s visitors.

FlyKefalonia is now developing in order to be the reference point for the tourism in this island, where it is also based on as a company.

With our focus on our traveler’s service and care, we wish to become the first choice when flying to and from Kefalonia.

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The Best Option for a Flight to Kefalonia

Faster – Cheaper – Exclusive

Bringing Kefalonia Closer – But Why ?

We believe Kefalonia is much more than another destination for your vacation. And our passion on this, lead us to invest in our islands air transport.

Having to change flights it’s not so fun and it is also more expensive. Many people get discouraged in reaching Kefalonia or get very tired due to these factors, so we are here to make things easier for all of you. Because we believe we have something here that you need to see!

Anyone who visits our island notices its different and special essence. There is a unique energy in this place that brings you in contact with different aspects of nature and life. Wild and peaceful at the same time, this land combines different sides of itself. The variety of the landscape, the colours of nature and the people’s culture, make this island an experience to be lived and shared.

So we are about to help you come closer and live it! And we are responsibly developing towards this one purpose: To connect Kefalonia directly with most of Europe’s main cities and welcome here more of you. 

Connecting Kefalonia Directly With Europe’s Major Cities